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The That means of Christ

Crucifixion of God-Males

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The lads have been chosen to turn out to be mates to Mom God, who was the solar. They have been crucified on the height of hills at daybreak within the circle of sunshine in expectation that they’d rise with the solar, on the time of ‘her’ resurrection and be her consort and the brand new Father God to deliver prosperity to his folks.

Historic Practices led to New Faith

This apply was happening in Rome in the course of the reign of Constantine, who sought to place a cease to it. Emperors have been deemed gods in their very own proper and the considered different gods being worshiped was one thing that each emperor dreaded. So he modified the principles and forbid crucifixion of god-men. He additionally altered the then time of ‘midday’, which utilized to daybreak, to noon and the time of Easter, when the ritual was carried out along with the equinox, to the complete moon after the date.

Sabbath Modified to Sunday

It’s recognized additionally that Constantine altered the day of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, the Dies Solis or pageant to the solar. He did different issues as effectively to arrange for his institution of the Roman Catholic Church that might have its personal Savior God within the type of Jesus Christ.

The Origin of Jesus

‘Jesus’ or ‘i-sis’, because it was in Latin and Italian which don’t have any [J], was an historic time period for ‘spirit’ and lightweight. The Egyptian goddess ‘Isis’ was the ‘mom god of sunshine’. It was acceptable, subsequently, to title his new god-man as ‘Jesus’ as a result of he could be the spirit or mild. A person on a cross resembles a cross so he’s the cross on the cross. In different phrases the ‘criss-cross’ or ‘cris-T’ and that’s the origin of ‘Christ’.


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